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Trucks and Trains
Trucks and Trains

Trucks and trains were essential to the building of America. Freight trains and road trains provided the chugging conduit to move goods of every size and kind across the states, and passenger rail moved the people that bought those goods from one end of the U.S. to the other before air travel grew endemic. A great many songwriters used the romantic notion of rail travel and the tough lifes of truckers as inspirations for their melodic creations. Depending on the composer, a train song could be about the majesty of a cross-country jaunt, the plight of a hobo in an abandoned railyard, a fast trip to heaven aboard a gospel train, or a double-entendre-loaded blues ditty, while eight-wheelers and truckers on their long journeys from coast to coast, from Canada to Mexico or even South America, had a tough life on dusty roads and highways from snowy plains to desert roads, often described in country and rockabilly songs. Truckin' down the avenue, having the freight train boogie in mind. These full-speed-ahead collections gets you on an adventure trip through some of the greatest themes ever issued in the genres by an all-star array of country, blues, and rock and roll luminaries. All aboard—it’s going to be a wild trip!

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Trucks and Trains
  • Lonesome Train

    Various Artists
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