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Talk About a Party - The Crest Records Story
Various Artists
Katalog-Nr. : RSR 017
  • Stack-A-Records
    Tom Tall & The Tom Cats
  • Ballin' Keen
    Bobby & Terry Caraway
  • Primitive Love
    Tom Reeves
  • Can You Bop?
    Tom Wilson
  • Ridin' the Frets
    The Desert Stars
  • Skinny Jim
    Eddie Cochran
  • Rock'n'roll Blues
    Norm Skylar
  • Lovin' Lorene
    Glen Garrison & The Note Kings
  • Yea, Yea, Come Another Day
    Tony Casanova
  • Let's Coast Awhile
    Gene 'Bo' Davis
  • Been Gone a Long Time
    Hank Sanders
  • Date Bait
    Bill Skidmore Iii
  • Spot Light
    Frank & Ernie
  • What Happened Last Night
    Johnny Donn & The Jazz Rockers
  • Three Carburettors
    Don Carson & The Whirlaways
  • Buzz Saw
    The Gee Cees
  • Rockin' and A-Rollin'
    Dick Bills
  • Don't Be Bashful Little Girl
    The Four Young Men
  • Turn Around and Look at Me
    Glen Campbell
  • You're the Reason
    Bobby Edwards
  • Check out Time
    Jay Chevalier
  • Long Black Limousine
    Vern Stovall
  • Three Stars
    Tommy Dee
  • Wild Man Wild!
    Hal Jackson & the Chromatics
  • Function at the Junction
    Smoki Whitfield
  • Cool Juice
    Tommy Law
  • Love Bug on the Loose
    Freddie & Al
  • How Come My Dog Don't Bark
    Roscoe Sculley
  • Get Back
    Prince Partridge
  • Clothes Line (Wrap It Up)
    Boogaloo & The Gallant Crew
  • Talk About a Party
    Boogaloo & The Gallant Crew
  • Big Fat Lie
    Boogaloo & The Gallant Crew
  • Cops & Robbers
    Boogaloo & The Gallant Crew
  • That's All
    The Ebb-Tones