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Rock 'n' Roll Floozy, Vol. 2 - Lazy Susan
Various Artists
Katalog-Nr. : AMB AC035
  • Satellite Rock
    Jimmy Copeland and The J-Teens, Lucky Ward and Trio
  • Wolf Call
    Mark Anthony
  • Come On, Let's Dance
    The Carlos Brothers
  • The Day I Died
    Scott Garrett
  • Sand Storm
    The Sportsmen
  • Pididdle (The Car with the One Light)
    Buzz Clifford
  • Evalina Malony
    John Worthan
  • Willa Mae
    Al Casey
  • The Long Blond Curls
    Joey Rand
  • Indian Rock
    Randy Atcher
  • Little Gray Shack
    Paul Seipp and The Rhythmaires
  • The Great Pretender
    Jim Alley and The Alleycats
  • Shadows of Love
    Bobby Chandler
  • Lazy Susan
    The Brothers
  • Sugar Dumplin'
    Jerry Jaye
  • Stop the Clock
    Bob Ehret
  • Shake Em up Rock
    T. Texas Tyler
  • Chicken Hearted
    Roy Orbison
  • Oh Boy
    The Rhythm Rockers
  • Mad at Love
    The Temptations
  • Just Me and My Baby
    Chuck Atha
  • Walkin' by My Lonesome
    Kenny Smith
  • If You'll Let Me
    Howard Crockett
  • Linda Lou
    Curley Langley and His Western All Stars
  • Brand New Baby
    Floyd Whitehurst
  • Annie Mae
    Bobby DeWitt and The Williams