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Bad Boy
Various Artists
Katalog-Nr. : VIV 55003
  • Screamin' Mimi Jeanie
    Mickey Hawks
  • Rock and Roll Rhythm
    Mickey Hawks & The Night Raiders
  • Cottonpickin'
    Mickey Hawks & The Night Raiders
  • Hidi Hidi Hidi
    Mickey Hawks & The Night Raiders
  • I'm Lost
    Mickey Hawks
  • Bad Boy
    Steve France
  • Born to Lose
    Sonny Deckelman
  • Don't Hang Around Me Anymore
    Jimmy Ford
  • Bad Bad Boy
    Bobby Lollar
  • Red Hot Mama
    Wayne Williams
  • Okie's in the Pokie
    Jimmy Patton
  • Willie Was a Bad Boy
    Ray Gentry
  • Bad Bad Way
    Rodger & The Tempests
  • Missed the Workhouse
    Bill Watkins
  • Look What I Found
    Orangie Hubbard
  • Yah! I'm Movin'
    Jimmy Patton
  • Curfew
    Gene Davis
  • Bad
    John Amory
  • Big Sandy
    Bobby Roberts
  • Go Boy
    Floyd Lee
  • Take It Easy, Greasy
    Bill Lehmann
  • You're Gonna Be Sorry
    Jimmy Ford
  • Hop Skip and Jump
    Bobby Roberts
  • Is There No Woman for My Love
    J. McAdams
  • All Night in Jail
    Rod Bernard
  • She's My Woman
    Bobby Roberts
  • Meaner Than an Alligator
    Ty B. and Johnny
  • I've Been a Bad Bad Boy
    The Kingbeats
  • Teen Age Riot
    Portuguese Joe