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Explosive Doowops, Vol. 14
Various Artists
Katalog-Nr. : VIV 55112
  • Wrapped in Green, Made for a Teen
    The Gates feat. Bobby Ferguson
  • Little Wheel
    The Arc-Angels
  • Cards of Love
    The Reminiscents
  • Sweet Baby Please Come Home
    The Catalina Six
  • Church Bells May Ring
    The Clientelles
  • Christopher Columbus
    The Paramounts
  • Those Pretty Brown Eyes
    Terry Hull & The Starfires
  • Never Let You Go
    The Tempest's
  • One Love
    Mike Lawing and The Dissonaires
  • Angel Love
    The Primiers
  • Memories
    The Mistics
  • Honor Roll of Love
    Joyce Heath and The Privateers
  • Let's Stay After School
    The Velvet Keys
  • Be on the Lookout for My Girl
    Tex and The Chex
  • That's the Way
    The Values
  • Hide and Seek
    The Astro-Jets
  • You Are Mine
    Billy The Kid & The Supremes
  • Carrie Lou
    The Termites
  • Vicki
    The Statlers
  • I Won't Cry
    Allen George & Group
  • Music, Music, Music
    Barry & Bob And The Stereos
  • Ichaban Josan
    Jeb Stuart & Group
  • Itty Bitty
    Steve Gibson & The Red Caps
  • Natural Born Lover
    The Vets
  • Baltimore
    The Epics feat. Lynn and Bobby
  • Humpty Dumpty
    Jay Jay and The Selectones
  • Do You Remember? (Part Two)
    The Toreadors